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Atlas TOP Net Co., Ltd.

  1.Mechanical Drawing:

ATN-KP104- Mountable Keyboard

Farsi-languages layout.‎
Highly reliable membrane contact technology applied.‎
Low profile and soft-touch and tactile feedback from keyboard.‎

Interface: PS2‎
Layout: 372.2 x 109.4 mm ‎
Key area: 370.2 x 106.6 mm‎
Height: 5.7 mm‎
Travel: 2.8 mm‎
Key No: 104 ‎

Layout: 80 x 85.1 mm
Interface: PS2‎
X / Y Position resolution: 1000 point / inch (graphics table mode)

Mechanical Dimension:
Weight 1.8Kg
414.5mm x 271mm x 22.2mm (W x H x D )‎‎
Color Black/ White (PANTONE 413C)

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