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  1.Mechanical Drawing:


ATN-MPC121 - 5U Height Full Function 14-slot Industrial PC Chassis

The ATN-MPC121 5U height 14-slot IPC chassis design that is very flexible. Included is a ‎‎12.1” LCD module and can keyboard/touch pad draw in a 5U height chassis. The LCD ‎module can adjustable panel view and the keyboard/touch pad drawer is designed to be ‎removed easily‏.‏
Main Feature‏: ‏
‎12.1” High Brightness and High Resolution TFT LCD‎‏ ‏
Complete function in a 5U chassis‏ ‏
LCD module viewing angle adjustable


  • 5U Height 19” RACK-mount chassis
  • Adjustable panel view, ±15 monitor can be tilted for best viewing angle
  • Front panel locking door system protects disk access, On/Off power and reset switch, ‎OSD control key and two USB ports
  • LCD monitor Module: 12.1" CMO - G121X1-L01 Resolution:1024 x 768 - Wide operating ‎temperature Luminance(nits) 450 - View Angle (U/D/R/L) 80/80/80/80‎‏ ‏
  • Driver bays: Two 3.5” drive bay , Two 5.25” Drive bay
  • Cooling Fans: Two 8cm cooling fan
  • Support standard ATX form factor PC motherboard
  • Color: White(PANTONE 413C)‎
  • Keyboard 104 key Farsi font ‎
  • Dimensions : 440mm(W) x 222.25mm(H) x 479mm(D)‎

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